Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The organs are on the way

Our girls have a friend whose cousin is very sick. Spencer had cancer as a young child. He develop lung problems as a complication from the life-saving therapies. Spencer once attended the girls' school, so everyone has been involved with fundraising, card writing and more. He doesn't attend the school any more, but it would be hard to tell given how invested everyone has been with his health.

This evening I saw a Facebook post from Spencer's father. He said they received an organ match. The transport was on the way. Spencer would be in surgery shortly. The girls were so excited for Spencer. They couldn't believe that organs matched. For so long the news was so bad that they had a hard time accepting good news.

Of course, the fact that the lungs were on the way was only good news for one family. I don't think they thought about the entire process. The generosity of one family in the middle of unbelievable grief was about to save Spencer's life.

We didn't talk about it because I was too tired to start the conversation. Some day they will realize what happened to save Spencer's life. For now, we'll take the good news and celebrate, while still thanking the family who made it possible.

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