Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A black eye would make things easier

After some additional conversations with the ENT, our insurance company and many friends, I decided to have my deviated septum fixed. The surgery, November 11, was uneventful -- if you don't count the nearly three hour delay. The finally wheeled me into the operating theater about the same time as I should have been going home if my surgery started on time.

When I came home I really felt like I had been through a surgical procedure. I was tired, unsteady and a bit out of it. I slept badly as I adjusted to everything going on from my nasal pain to my anesthesia recovery. It all went as expected, though, with one exception.

I thought I'd have some bruising on my face. Maybe I'd have a black eye or a random nose bruise. I thought there would be some outward sign of my procedure. I was thrilled that, other than some swelling, you couldn't tell that I had been through surgery.

The girls were great for the first few days, but last night left me wishing that I had some visible bruising. The girls don't understand why I have restricted activities for a few weeks. When they look at me they don't see any changes. As far as they are concerned, I'm all back to normal.

Of course this isn't true. Surgery is surgery, even if you don't see the work the ENT completed. I do have restricted activities for couple of weeks. The girls might not like it, but they are going to have to pick up more household chores until I get better.

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