Thursday, October 20, 2016

She shoots and scores

The brunette twin's basketball team has been steadily improving. In a short time they have morphed into something resembling a coherent team. Their plays look coordinated and practiced. They cheer each other on like good team mates should.

At the beginning of today's game, the brunette twin took the ball put it into the air. The ball arched towards the basketball net and went in. She scored her first two points. We were thrilled. She smiled and ran to her position. She played the rest of the game smiling.

After the game she made sure we all saw her score the first two points of her basketball career. She asked about the details since she hardly remembered scoring the basket. In the game's rush, the brunette twin didn't have an opportunity to savor her first two points.

Not only did the brunette twin score her first points, the team won the game. We celebrated both victories and crossed our fingers that it was the first of many successes.

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