Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A good rule no matter whose house hosts the sleepover

Whenever the girls spend the night, I tell them they have to follow the house rules. It might be that the rules are quite different from ours, but "their house, their rules" is what we always say.

Recently the girls spent the night at Aunt Sue-Sue's with Brooke. The next night they all stayed at our house. As I was going to bed, we talked about the house rules. 

The girls giggled and said, "And no baking."

It turns out that before she went to bed, Aunt Sue-Sue ended her house rules by saying, "And, no baking."

I don't know what precipitated this rule, but it's a good one. We added it to our house rules too. If nothing else, it makes the girls laugh every time we say it.

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