Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Random acts of fish kindness

We were sitting at the Sting/Peter Gabriel concert when the blond twin texted me. She said, "I was wondering if I could win a fish and buy a starter tank and I will buy the food and real tank and everything it needs with my allowance money please mom."

I thought for a moment and texted back, "Sure." 

It's not that I really thought we needed fish, but these are carnival gold fish. If they lived a year that would be a long time. She really seemed to want the gold fish, so why not?

After the concert we picked up the girls at a friend's house. They arrived at Caroline's house not long before we did. The blond twin was giddy about her new fish. She bounced into the car with two gold fish in plastic bags, a plastic "starter" fish tank and a small container of fish food. 

We washed the fish tank and put the two fish into the clean water. She promised to take care of the fish and made plans as she went to bed. She woke up with even more plans.

Later she told us about a girl at the festival who won a fish, promptly opened the bag so the fish fell to the ground and them stepped on the fish. The blond twin was horrified that the girl killed the fish. She said, "I rescued Thor and Loki so no one would be able to kill them."

She even put "rescued Thor and Loki" on her Random Acts of Kindness chart. She takes her actions very seriously. 

When she gets on my nerves (oh, and today has been one of those days) I want to remember that sweet, compassionate girl who wanted to save two gold fish. It's that part of her personality that makes us proud of the young adult she's becoming.

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