Monday, May 23, 2016

Round and round the instruments go

The blond twin was so excited when she brought home the French horn. She couldn't wait to try out the new instrument. Both girls went into the basement. A few minutes later I heard the French horn. A few minutes after that the brunette twin came up holding the French horn and announced that she was going to play it. The blond twin tried, but her braces made it hard to blow into the instrument. The brunette twin tried and fell in love. I mean she was head over heels for the French horn.

I emailed their band teacher to ask her if the brunette twin could change instruments. She wasn't thrilled as the brunette twin was a flute MVP this year. On the other hand, she really needed a French horn player. Rumor had it that the current French horn player was not a good player and was thinking about dropping out.

The following days were filled with back and forth about the blond twin's instrument. At one point she was moving to flute, which made me happy because we already own a flute. Their music teacher didn't want her to move to flute as there were already ten flute players in the band. We went through multiple options before the blond twin and her teacher settled on trombone.

In a few days we went from a flute and a clarinet to a French horn and a trombone. My head was spinning. The school gave us a French horn to use while the brunette twin played it. We need to trade in the clarinet for a trombone so the blond twin can learn it. I'm hesitating, though, until the last school day. The way our musical merry-go-round has been spinning, we might end up with different instruments before school ends.

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