Sunday, May 1, 2016

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As the girls get older, they want to make more plans with friends. We have a pretty good idea of what their summer schedule looks like already, so we decided to have them put their activities into their devices. I told them that they would be able to look at their calendars to see if they were available or not before they made plans. Daddy was going to put the same information in his work calendar so he would know what was happening too. 

In my mind we'd sit at the table, share information and leave. It wasn't like they didn't know they had these activities on the summer calendar. We discussed everything with them before committing. In reality, it was a whine-fest from nearly the moment we started. 

We made it two weeks into summer when they started complaining. Why does that start so early? I don't want to have two things on one day? What do you mean it goes for two weeks? They rolled their eyes, hit the table and sighed. It was miserable. I was so angry that I started using the measured, mechanical voice to impart information. At one point the blond twin told me to stop talking that way. She said she didn't know why I was mad as it was their summer being ruined.

Seriously, I couldn't believe what was happening. I told the girls that they had 24 hours to tell me what activities to cancel or they had to stop complaining. Neither one wanted to cancel anything. At one point I thought I would lose my mind. They were whining like we were sending them to work underground in the coal mines for the summer.

I realize this is a tween phase, but I despise it. The girls are not that busy this coming summer. They said they wanted more time just to hang out with friends, so that is what they have. There are weeks when they only have one activity scheduled for the entire week.

The fun begins in three weeks as their last day of school is just before Memorial Day Weekend. I already know that we won't be far into summer before they start complaining that they are bored. The good news is they have their schedule, so I can simply say, "Make plans with someone." It's sure to be my go-to line this summer.

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