Friday, May 27, 2016

I cannot find my socks

The renovation process is starting to take its toll. We're tired of living in a used furniture store. We're tired of figuring out what to do with the furniture we're replacing. We're tired of getting ready to really get the project underway.

We were headed to a Girl Scout community service project when I yelled upstairs for the blond twin. The rest of the troop was waiting in our foyer. She was still getting ready. I said, "It's time to go. Get down here." She came down with her vest on, but no socks. I said, "You need socks." She replied, "I cannot find my socks." I hugged her and said, "You can wear my socks." 

While we work to get rid of the furniture we don't need and acquire the furniture we do, the girls' stuff is in baskets and drawers all over the house. The blond twin's stuff is in drawers in the living room and her laundry basket in her current bedroom. 

Later that day both girls packed a suitcase to go to Aunt Mary and Uncle Terry's for a few days, they went from place to place looking for clothes. They started talking to themselves. "Where did I put my t-shirts?" "Why can't I find my pajamas?" 

Eventually they managed to pack their suitcases. The good news is that when they come back their rooms will be ready for them to completely unpack the baskets and settle in. I know we can't wait. I'm sure they are just as ready.

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