Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Changing tunes

The brunette twin won an MVP award at the band banquet. Her teacher commented on her hard work and progress when it comes to playing flute. She put the trophy on her dresser. She has been playing her flute regularly, often with a friend, to perfect her skills. She earned that MVP award.

Imagine my surprise, then, when we were driving to piano practice and she announced, "I might change to the piccolo." We talked about it for a few minutes. It turned out that her teacher ask two girls to consider changing to piccolo. You had to be good at flute as the instruments are similar. 

A few days later the blond twin announced that their band teacher asked her to consider changing to French horn. Their band teacher knew that she blond twin wasn't really happy playing clarinet. The blond twin came home and started researching the French horn by watching YouTube videos. She decided she did want to try out to play the instrument.

When Daddy and I talked about the changes, I did remind him that these instrument changes were happening just after we paid off the flute and clarinet. We were the proud owners of two instruments the girls might no longer need. 

We called the store recommended to us when we researched their flute and clarinet. Because the owners have been working with the local schools for decades, they shared some information that made us smile. If the girls switched instruments, the school will provide a piccolo and French horn. The school recognized that these are expensive instruments, so they don't ask parents to purchase them. Just like that we stopped wondering how we were going to pay for two new instruments.  

The blond twin will decide if she's going to change this week. The brunette twin won't know until after summer band camp. In any case, it's sure to be a noisy summer as the girls practice their instruments -- whether the new or the old.

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