Monday, April 4, 2016

The look

We booked a trail ride at Paramount Ranch, a former filming location in Malibu Canyon. The set was used for television shows and movie scenes before becoming a National Park Service site. When we arrived there were two horse trailers waiting for riders.

Our guide, Scott, laughed when I said, "They ride so they can handle most horses. I simply like to plod along enjoying the scenery." He assigned MayMay to me. When I mounted MayMay, he said, "You don't need to worry about her. She's the head mare. All the other horses respect her."

As we rode along Scott told us that MayMay was a busy lady. She had acted in several commercials and television shows. Jennifer Lawrence rode MayMay through the same trails for a Rolling Stone Magazine interview. 

We were rambling along when someone else's horse decided to try to pass MayMay. She simply stopped and turned her head towards that horse. I held my breath, hoping that we were not about to have a problem. MayMay was eye-to-eye with that horse when the other horse decided to step back. We rode the rest of the trail with that horse behind MayMay.

I was impressed. I always thought "the look" was a human thing parents developed to put their kids in line without a word. Apparently "the look" was universal. Even among horses, the look worked as if MayMay was the mom trying to keep her children in line.

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