Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lonely girl

The morning of the band trip, Holly watched the girls' suitcases leave the house. She was a little "off" the night before because she knows that suitcases mean she's going to be away from us. She saw us all get into the car. She stayed home. 

At some point she must have thought we were leaving her in the house by herself while we went away. When Daddy and I walked back into the house, Holly went crazy. She's always happy to see us, but this was something else. 

Holly was racing down the stairs when we came in. She started jumping up on Daddy as soon as she saw him. Usually when we've been gone Holly sits with her tail wagging, waiting for attention. This was a whole new level of excitement. She couldn't stop running between me and Daddy. She jumped up on him with her tail wagging. She might not speak in words, but her actions were clear. Our nervous dog was happy that we were back. Now, if only the girls would react with such joy when they saw us.

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