Friday, April 8, 2016

I'll pay you back

The girls brought some spending money on vacation, but somehow they never had any money when they wanted to buy something. Every time they wanted to buy something they said, "Will you buy this for me? I'll pay you back."

Somehow "I'll pay you back" always required numerous reminders. Oh, we heard all the excuses from  "I don't have exact change" to "I won't have enough to buy anything else if I pay you back." We pressed the issue several times before we actually saw our money come back.

It's an interesting dynamic. We allowed them to buy whatever they wanted, so every purchase became a negotiation. Is this something I am buying with my money? Or will you buy it for me? We bought them some t-shirts and other souvenirs. When they paid for it, though, we always made sure they paid us back. They won't learn to manage money if it never leaves their possession.

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