Sunday, April 3, 2016

California girls

We landed in Los Angeles late Saturday afternoon to start our 2016 Spring Break adventure. The girls immediately took to the weather, even before they saw the ocean. Once they saw the water, they were hooked.

We spent our first night on the local pier, followed by hiking Zuma Canyon the next day. Of course the first thing when we entered Zuma was a horseback riding group. Malibu Riders was waiting for a group so the girls couldn't stop talking to the guide. It didn't take long before we were discussing a horseback riding trial.

After hiking the steep trail and watching the horses I knew we wouldn't be horseback riding there. The blond twin lost her step and skid down a few feet. She had a scratch on her leg to prove it. I knew the horses walked the path multiple times a day, but I still didn't want to be on one going up or down the trail.

When we walked the beach after hiking the girls were hooked. They wanted to play on the shoreline, walking and talking as they walked along. We let them go without us for a while. It was part of the balance we're all adjusting to these days. 

I asked the brunette twin if she was a California girl now. She said, "I'm getting there."

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