Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cookie season is almost over

Our Girl Scout troop decided they want to attend a dude ranch. The cost is a reasonable $150 per girl for two nights, three days, all meals and all activities. We told the girls they had to raise the money to attend camp. They took on the challenge with gusto. We

Since we earn .75 per box, the girls need to sell 200 boxes each just to attend camp. We told them they also needed to earn an additional $250 to run the troop next year. We also said it was an all-or-nothing proposition. Either everyone went or no one went.

We are nearly done with cookie booth sales. On the one hand we have been very successful at our cookie booths. We have been able to find booths nearly every weekend. On the other hand, we still have 18 cases of cookies in our living room with one weekend left to sell. 

It is hard to complain about cookie booths this year as the weather has been milder than normal. The girls have met their goals and more. Still, I am completely ready to be done with cookie sales. The enthusiasm I had at the beginning has turned into complete dread. We've met our goals and more. At one point we had more than 200 cases. We're in the home stretch as the saying goes. Now we just need to finish the last 18 cases.

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