Friday, February 12, 2016

Heat is overrated

Our house was built at a time when insulation was an afterthought. We're often cold in one room and warm in another. This winter our furnace has seemed to really struggle when temperature fell below zero.

During the last sub-zero blast, I kept saying it was cold in our house during the day. The furnace struggled to get to 70. I worked with multiple layers on under a blanket. I was really cold. We talked about having our HVAC guy come out to look at the furnace. 

Last week the cold snap arrived. Our house was cold. We called our HVAC contractor. He came out and said he needed to get a part, so he'd be back the next day. It was barely 60 downstairs when we went to sleep. The second floor was even colder.

The contractor came back the next day and fixed part of the problem. He still had to figure out another part of the problem. We had heat, but now the fan wouldn't turn off. He put a call into the manufacturer and was waiting to hear back from them about the fan problem.

At one point we had the HVAC repairman in the basement while the city dug up our driveway to fix a water main leak. I was talking to a neighbor about the water main leak. Shortly after I told her the story about our furnace, her husband came by with two space heaters to keep us warm. Between our fireplace and his space heaters, the house was finally a decent temperature.

From Monday until Friday our HVAC contractor spent several hours a day at our house trying to figure out what was wrong. When he left Friday he was defeated. He kept apologizing that he couldn't figure out the problem. 

Late Friday night he called. He had one more thing to try. He was coming back Saturday morning to test his latest theory. Within minutes he fixed the problem. The furnace turned off and on. When it was not running the silence seemed so loud. After nearly a week of listening to the fan run constantly, we just enjoyed the peace and quiet -- and the heat.

It was a long week, but in the end our contractor figured out the problem. He felt good when he left our house Saturday morning. He finally figure out the puzzle and we finally had a functional furnace again.We could all bask in the warmth that only a working furnace could provide.

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