Sunday, December 20, 2015

You did what?

A couple hours after we admired the girls' gingerbread house, the brunette twin walked into the kitchen and said, "Where is the extra candy and frosting?"

Daddy replied, "We ate it."

She was horrified. The blond twin came running in saying, "We left that in case you wanted to add something to the back of the house. You ate it?"

The brunette twin chimed in with "We would have eaten it if we didn't want you to use it."

We told them the house was lovely just as designed. We told them that we thought they were done. They told us how they saved it so we could decorate the back of the house. They explained that we ruined their gingerbread house because now there wasn't anything on the back wall. They glared and told us to ask them next time before we eat the frosting and candies. It wasn't extra because they had plans for it.

We were both amused with their reaction. For just a moment we switched places. They were practicing their best "annoyed at you children" looks as they explained why we were wrong -- so very wrong.

To our credit, we waited until they were out of the room to laugh. It seemed like the best idea we had since eating the extra candies.

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