Saturday, December 19, 2015

We always do it with Daddy

We're navigating the tween world which means the girls alternately need our help and don't want us around. This morning the brunette twin decided today was the day the girls would work on our annual gingerbread house. We've had the kit sitting on the breakfast bar for probably two weeks now. We just haven't had time to put it together.

When they came home from church pageant practice, I told Daddy that the girls wanted to put together the gingerbread house with him. He thought they would want to do it be themselves since they were old enough to do that now. He was right, but when I said the same thing to the brunette twin, she said, "We always do it with Daddy."

The three of them sat at the breakfast bar to put the house together. They had to wait for a while to let the icing dry before they could decorate the house. During the time the icing dried, the girls decided to finish decorating it themselves while Daddy and I took care of some other chores. 

As the brunette twin said, "This way you'll be surprised when you see it."

The finished gingerbread house is lovely. They did a beautiful job putting icing and candy on the house, roof and lawn. It's their own creation, but Daddy helped them put it together. The tradition continues, which makes everyone happy.

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