Friday, December 11, 2015

Prints on the mirror

The girls are obsessed with make-up all of a sudden. The brunette twin wants to wear eye shadow. The blond twin pretends she's not interested, but she's always asking questions.

Recently I found fingerprints on a bathroom mirror. It happens to cover a cabinet I use to store a few items, including some make-up. Underneath the mirror was some foundation that had dripped when one of the girls tried to use it. When I asked the girls, they both denied having been in the bathroom. I told them the foundation didn't drip on the floor by itself. They just stared at each other.

The funny thing is that they still haven't figured out that they need to clean-up their messes. If the girls hadn't left a trail of drips and finger prints, I wouldn't have known they were sneaking into our bathroom to play with my make-up.

I moved my foundation, which will annoy them - even though they will never, ever say anything. One of these days they will learn to cover their tracks. In the meantime, I'm enjoying their efforts to be grown-up girls. Their covert attempts make ensure I'll have plenty of stories to tell at their weddings.

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