Saturday, December 26, 2015

Maybe next horse

A couple of weeks went by before I finally called about Shawnee. Her owner was looking for someone to share board. She was too busy to take care of her daughter's horse. Her daughter was in college, so she wasn't in town any more. Shawnee needed some attention.

Our girls have been begging us for a horse. We told them over and over again that we were not going to buy a horse. Share boarding was a definite possibility, though. When you share board a horse you pay a set amount to be responsible for the horse for one or more days. In our case we want to share board a horse for one day a week. The reality is we do not have time to do more than that. 

It all sounded good. The owner kept Shawnee in her backyard during the warm weather. When the weather turned colder, she moved Shawnee to the barn. 

We arrived at the barn early. Our girls were so excited they could hardly contain themselves. They were dressed to ride, with their helmets in hand. We met her owner and walked to her stall. Shawnee let the girls brush her and pick her hooves. She let the girls saddle her. They walked her into the arena.

Everything turned the minute we were in the arena. Shawnee wouldn't let the girls get into the saddle. She bucked when her owner tried to keep her still so the brunette twin could ride her. Shawnee wouldn't let her owner walk her around or try to lead her. 

The owner was clearly upset. She kept saying, "She doesn't normally act like this." She finally just gave up and put Shawnee back in her stall.

Daddy and I talked about our visit before deciding that Shawnee wasn't the right horse to share board. The girls were both sad and relieved. While they really wanted a horse, they were a bit afraid of Shawnee after her terrible arena behavior. It was hard to tell them that we were going to keep looking, but we are going to keep looking. The right horse is out there. We're willing to wait for the right fit.

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