Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas competition

We didn't see it coming, but somehow we ended up in a Wii bowling tournament Christmas afternoon. We all met at Grammie's for lunch, opened gifts and sat around talking. When Josh started writing names on pieces of paper he said, "Do you think Gramma will play?" We said no and kept chatting.

A few minutes later Grammie was pulling names for Josh's brackets. At this point we started paying attention. Josh said, "Ok, the brackets are set. Get ready to play Wii bowling."

The funny thing was that this wasn't the first time Josh organized a family tournament without actually asking us if we want to participate. We've watched him do this on both sides of his family. At his brother's high school graduation party several years ago Josh walked around asking people for five dollars. Everyone opened their wallets. At one point I said, "Why is Josh asking for $5." His twenty-something cousin said, "I don't know. He's probably organizing something." 

I laughed because Josh was in middle school at the time. He walked around asking for money and no one questioned whether they should give it to him or not. He used his personality to organize that tournament and get the whole family playing bean bags. He set-up brackets, pulled names to create teams and kept the tournament going.

He used these same skills to get us organized. It was laugh-out-loud fun for everyone. Some of us had never touched a Wii remote. At one point the blond twin played for Uncle Steve when he stepped out to take a phone call. When he came back he didn't want to take the remote back as she was doing quite well. 

Josh was out in the first round when Aunt Reenie beat him. The loss went down in family history as Josh bowls frequently. Aunt Reenie had never touched a Wii remote before the bowling tournament. When he pulled her name while creating the brackets, I'm sure he thought it was an easy route to the second round. 

Christmas has always been fun at Grammie's because there were always a lot of little kids running around with new toys. Now that all the grandchildren are a bit older, the fun morphed into family competitions. When Nick beat Jake to win the family title, you can bet Josh was working on next year's tournament game. Now, if only he'd give me some ideas so I can practice. I don't expect to win, but I'd rather not be at the bottom of the family bracket again.  

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