Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rodeo secrets

A few years ago the girls started spending the weekend with Uncle Len and Aunt Debbie. They always come back with funny stories and great photos. Their favorite weekends involve the rodeo at Gordyville. Of course they love anything with horses, but they really like watching the rodeo performers.

This year when we took them down to the rodeo Daddy and I decided to spend the night in Champaign. We told the girls we were going to see a movie, but we had a different plan. We went power Christmas shopping.

I mean we were on a mission. We had a mental list and target stores. We shopped for our girls and others on our list. We had a few child-free hours and we meant to use them well.

When we were done we went back to the hotel room with a lot of bags. We had great success, finding most things on our list at great prices. During our adventure we managed to wander the University of Illinois (where we both went to college) campus, visit a local western shop and work our way through a mall. Our niece, Mikki, was quite surprised to see us at the mall. I can't imagine any scenario where she thought she's see us in the mall that Saturday night.

We carefully packed everything into our suitcase. A few items we left out because we didn't care if the girls saw them. Plus, they wouldn't fit in our suitcase even if it was empty. I was giddy. We managed to cross of nearly everything we needed to buy in one power shopping trip.

On the way home the girls talked about how much fun they had. When they asked what we did, we steered the conversation back to the rodeo. We told them we wandered campus and went to dinner. They thought it was boring, but we were quite happy, even if we couldn't share the joy.

Now they are a bit worried. The girls have asked a few times when we are going to start Christmas shopping. I keep telling them not to worry about it. The brunette twin asked why I always get such a big smile when I talk about Christmas shopping. She knows how much I dislike going to our local malls. What she doesn't know is I'm smiling because it's done.

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