Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas decorating made easy

A couple of years ago we started letting the girls decorate the tree by themselves. Daddy put up the tree and the girls took over. They loved putting up the ornaments, often analyzing ornament placement like they were painters staring at a blank canvas.

Each year they take on more Christmas decorating. This year they did nearly all the work. My job was to take down the existing decorations to make room for the Christmas decor. Daddy put up the tree as usual. The girls took over from there.

They created a Santa brigade in the dining room. There is a nutcracker army in the family room. Every room has some holiday cheer. I was allowed to put bowls filled with ornaments in a few places and crystal figurines above the kitchen cabinets. Other than those few touches, the girls created our Winter wonderland.

They did a lovely job. They liked being in charge of decorating. They liked working together to decide what went where. Mostly they liked being trusted with the responsibility. They kept proving over and over again that our babies are growing up.

Now if I could only get them to be as excited about taking it down...

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