Friday, October 23, 2015

The upside of twerking

When I picked up the girls from the Fall Mixer, they ran up and started whispering in my ears. I didn't understand them at first because they were speaking at the same time. It was like bees buzzing rather than words I understood.

I left the building with the girls and their friends. Once outside they told me some 8th grade girls were twerking and some boys were paying the girls to twerk. All four girls were horrified.

On the one hand I was angry that none of the adults chaperoning the mixer stopped the inappropriate dancing. On the other hand I was happy all four girls were horrified by the behavior. If nothing else, they do absorb the lessons we share about appropriate behavior. I couldn't wait to tell Daddy that they were listening when we talked about appropriate behavior and how we wanted them to act. It's always good to know that they internalize the right messages and live them when we're not around.

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