Thursday, October 29, 2015

Anytime, anywhere

We were at Grammie's when the blond twin started texting. I told her I wanted to look at her device. One of the rules we established when they opened their birthday presents was that we could look at their phones anytime, anywhere.

The blond twin balked. She didn't want to show me her phone. There wasn't a time when I thought she was really doing anything wrong. I just wanted to establish that I meant that we might look at their devices when we wanted. 

The blond twin fought me for about 10 minutes before giving me her device. I waited while she entered her password to unlock her screen. I swiped her screen, read her text messages, asked a few questions and handed her the device. She glared at me and put it in her pocket.

As we drove to piano lessons, the blond twin played with her mobile device. I asked her if she learned her lesson about handing me her device upon request. She didn't say anything. I asked if she would fight with me about it next time.

She smiled and said, "Probably." I laughed because I knew the answer before I asked the question. She's a strong-willed child, but I'm still her Momma. She'll fight me just to prove the point that she's not happy about letting me go through her device. In the end she'll give it to me, but she won't be happy about it.

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