Sunday, September 6, 2015

The view from the back pew

There's a point in our church service when the acolytes stand behind our priest as he prepares communion. It's usually a funny moment as the acolytes tend to get fidgety while the priest performs the solemn ritual. Sometimes they yawn or sway or roll their eyes. As a parent, you cross your fingers that your child won't do that in front of the entire congregation.

Every time our girls are acolytes, we remind them that they cannot yawn or look bored. We tell them to pay attention and stay engaged. It's hard for them as the ritual just seems to go on and on as they stand quietly in the back. They are very good girls, but they are still just 11.

Sometimes I manage to make eye contact with the girls when they are acolytes. At first I'd smile at them and they'd smile back. For a while now I've upped that moment to make a funny face or blow them a kiss. I know they've seen me because they react with a smile or look at each other. Once in a while they laugh into their hands.

The reason I can do it is that we sit in the back pew. No one can see me blow them kisses or make a funny faces. It's a private moment between us that brings a smile to their faces and let's them know we are with them.

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