Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cupcakes for lunch

The girls share a birthday with their friend, Erin. Yesterday after school, our girls, Erin and her sister waited to be picked up in front of the school. Our girls told Erin they were waiting for me. When their Mom arrived, she told our girls that she was taking us home. Erin was confused, but that was part of the plan.

On the way home they pulled into a pizza parlor. Erin's Mom picked up a cheese pizza. It wasn't until they pulled into Erin's driveway that our girls told her they were going to hang out for a bit and celebrate their birthday. It was a fun surprise for Erin.

I dropped off an ice cream cake earlier that afternoon. Between the pizza and ice cream cake, our girls weren't hungry when they came home.

Daddy brought Mariano's cupcakes home. These beautifully decorated treats were huge. Daddy and I split one after dinner. The girls just took a bite and declared they were full.

When they were packing their lunches, they asked if they could take the cupcakes to school. I told them the cupcakes were so big that they didn't need sandwiches and the cupcakes. They could just take the cupcakes and some fruit for lunch. They stood in stunned silence. Cupcakes for lunch? The brunette twin asked twice because she couldn't believe I offered that option.

I figured that they only turn 12 one time. If cupcakes for lunch makes it extra-special, why not?

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