Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cross country girl

When the blond twin said she wanted to run cross country, we said, "Ok, that's fine." Truth be told we were a little surprised. She never expressed any interest in running before. We encouraged the girls to try new things in middle school and this was the blond twin's choice.

She came home from every practice bubbling with stories. She met a teammate on the weekend to practice. She stretched every night.

Her first meet she came home exhilarated. She came in 47 out of nearly 500 middle school runners. She couldn't stop talking about every aspect of the meet from the bike rider marking the forest preserve path to the kids flopping to the ground as they crossed the finish line. She talked about the bus ride to and from the meet. She called Grammie to tell  her all the stories.

Her second meet, the day after the first meet, was a bit harder. We kept telling her that back-to-back meets were harder than she might have expected. It rained just before the meet, so we all kept waiting to find out if the meet was cancelled. When we learned that the meet was happening the brunette twin and I jumped in our car and drove to the meet.

The blond twin did well, but not as well as her first meet. She was as excited as she was after the first meet, though. We encouraged her to put it in perspective and get ready to practice the next day. She talked about how she was going to train for her next back-to-back meet.

The middle school cross country season is short. The blond twin is already looking forward to next year when she will take the lessons she learns this year and strengthen her skills. Given her competitive spirit, we're sure she'll continue to improve her skills and time. She's a girl who gives it her all when she really wants to do well.

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