Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bringing the game to the party

We decided to go bowling for the girls' twelfth birthday party. After the invitations went out the girls started talking about bowling and teams and party favors. They were so excited about bowling with their friends and cousins.

As everyone arrived at the bowling alley the girls stopped planning teams. Uncle Dave, Aunt Sue-Sue, Nick and Josh arrived with bowling balls and shoes in special cases. It turned out that bowling was serious business for those four. Somehow Sami missed the bowling bug, even though she was pretty good at trash talking the games.

While the rest of us tried to crack 100 points, Uncle Dave, Aunt Sue-Sue, Nick and Josh were making friendly wagers with every frame. They trash talked every frame like it was the final game of the Stanley Cup finals. Every There wasn't a moment when they weren't battling like there was a big, shiny trophy waiting. It was hysterical from the first frame to the last. Eventually Jake and Zack joined Uncle Dave's lanes. It really ramped up the volume when they arrived.

The girls and their friends laughed at their bowling and at what happened in the next lanes. They giggled as they slammed the ball down the lane. I'm not sure the ball really rolled as much as it bounced.

Everyone had fun bowling and eating cake and trash talking. It was a fun, entertaining afternoon filled with family and friends. It was a perfect way to start their 13th year.

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