Sunday, August 9, 2015

The strangest trip ever

We went to Florida last week for a final summer trip. We decided to drive, which made this the longest driving trip to date.

We drove down to Macon, GA the first night. The GPS couldn't find the hotel, so we drove around for a bit thinking it must be "around here somewhere." When we called the hotel the clerk gave us a different address, which sent us into a remote area. We called again to ask if we were going the right way and she said, "Just follow the GPS."

Well, despite following the GPS, it took about an hour from the first address to us opening the hotel room door. The next morning we got back into the car for the final drive to Orlando.

The resort was quite nice. After two long days in a small vehicle, we couldn't wait to get into the pool. We woke up the next morning and headed to Epcot. It's not my favorite Disney park, but the brunette twin loves a ride called "Test Track." We had a fun time and everyone was tired when we made it back to the condo.

The same night the blond twin woke up violently ill. Florida is very hot and humid in August, as you'd imagine. We tried to stay hydrated through the day. When the blond twin became ill, we weren't certain we did a very good job. Let's just say it was a long night during which Momma and blondie spent a lot of time together.

The next day we planned to go to the Magic Kingdom. The blond twin felt so much better that we headed off as planned. She joined me for a couple of turns on Space Mountain. All was well until the evening's end when Momma didn't feel well. I took my turn being violently ill that night. Just like the blond twin, I felt fine the next day.

We had a quiet Thursday planned, which worked well for all of us after two fun days and two long nights. Aunt Linda, Julie, Sandy, Riley and Luke came by to join us in the pool. Later Thursday afternoon the girls took "mermaid lessons" at the resort. They put on a monofin and swam like mermaids. The brunette twin summed up the experience by saying, "Being a mermaid is hard. My arms are tired."

I thought we were done, but Thursday evening the brunette twin became ill. She had it worse than her twin or Momma as we were driving back towards home when she woke up Friday. She wasn't feeling great when she got into the car, although the more she slept, the better she felt.

We spent Saturday at Cumberland Falls in Corbin KY. It's a gorgeous state park with a beautiful waterfall. We hiked a bit, watched some boaters try to get close to the falls, saw bear tracks and admired a persistent fisherman. After a day exploring the town, we went back for dinner at the Riverview Restaurant. We walked by the falls again to see it at night. It was a beautiful way to spend a day.

addy woke up Sunday not feeling well. He spent the entire drive home feeling terrible. He spent all day today trying to recover. While we might blame the previous illnesses on the Florida heat or some kind of bug, his illness seems to be food poisoning.

Still, to a person we'd say we had a fun vacation, which seems strange to me. How could it have been so much fun when we were all sick at some point? I guess it is all in your point of view. Ours happens to lean towards the sunny side.

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