Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Living in the shed

I realized recently that someday our girls will describe their entire childhood with the words, "We never got the horses we wanted."

It's an ongoing battle in our house. Why won't we buy them a horse? Why can't we afford to buy a horse? Are we poor?

There are lots of reasons we won't get a horse from time to money. I always tell the girls that horses live a long time. I ask who will take care of their horses when they go to college? They respond with "We're taking our horses to college with us." Ah, the logic of tweens.

Recently we said, "When we're old you'll be glad that we saved for retirement instead of buying you horses. If we don't save for retirement, we'll end up living in your basements. We'll stay with one of you for a while and then move to the other house."

The girls laughed and started whispering. The brunette twin said, "You can live in my shed. I'm going to have a horse barn with a shed. You can live in the shed and take care of my horses."

I'll give that girl credit. She has a single-minded focus that will take her far some day. It won't convince us to buy her a horse, but it will serve her well as she achieves her life goals.

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