Thursday, July 2, 2015

You know what would make Sissy feel better?

The blond twin is really working her sister's injury. As soon as we walked in the house Tuesday, the blond twin started every request with "You know what would make Sissy feel better?"

The list included everything from not doing summer math to unusually long time on the xBox to a larger than normal amount of junk treats.

It's both cute and annoying. The blond twin starts with such a big eyed, pouty face that it's hard to deny her request, especially since she walks up to the line where we'd automatically say no, but doesn't cross it. She asks for a bit more, but not so much more that she knows we'll turn down her request.

Someday this skill will serve her well in different areas of her life. Right now it's getting her all the things she really wants because, you know, it makes Sissy feel better.

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