Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Brunette twin down

We knew it was going to happen sooner or later, so it wasn't a complete surprise when I arrived at horseback riding camp yesterday to find that the brunette twin fell off her horse. She has been riding a difficult horse and she decide to try to ride with an English saddle.

From what she remembers, the fall happened when she was cantering. As she turned a corner, she lost her stirrup and started to slide. Since she was riding with an English saddle, she didn't have the horn to grab to right herself. She hit the ground hard. She remembers her eyes being a little blurry and her face being muddy. She also remembers Hank, her horse, loosing his footing and stepping on her.

The brunette twin ended up in the office with a bag of frozen peas on her thigh. She had the beginnings of several bruises, but thigh bruise was going to be huge. It was as if a cantaloupe smacked her on the thigh.

I talked to several staff members about her fall to make sure she didn't hit her head. No one seemed to think that was a problem, including the blond twin. The brunette twin was so stunned that she hardly remembered falling. We talked about what to look for and when I should be worried.

Actually, I was worried just because she fell. Once I realized she wasn't seriously hurt, I worried that she wouldn't want to get back on a horse. The brunette twin quickly dispelled that idea. She said she got back on Hank and walked him until the lesson was over.

When she told her friends about her fall, at least one said, "So, I guess no more horse camp this week." The brunette twin countered with, "I'm going back. I won't ride Hank with an English saddle until I can control him better."

Mommy and Daddy were happy to hear that. She might have gone down, but she wasn't going to stay down.

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