Friday, June 5, 2015

This is why we brought two pairs of gym shoes

When we planned our trip, I was most excited about going to Zion National Park. All four parks were beautiful, but I wanted to hike the Narrows. What makes the Narrows so special is that it's a very narrow part of a canyon, so there is water running on the canyon floor. You hike to the end of the trail and get into the water.

Knowing that we were going to hike the Narrows, we packed two pairs of gym shoes. It's a good idea anyway, given the amount of hiking we planned. You never know when you'll end up with wet shoes. The great thing about the Narrows was that we planned to get wet.

The girls didn't really understand the Narrows. We showed them videos and explained what we were going to do, but I don't really think you can understand it until you see it live.

As we got closer to the trail's end, the girls started noticing how wet other hikers were as they walked back from the Narrows. When they saw the people in the water, they were really excited. They said, "Are we going in?" I said, "That's why we're here."

A few minutes later we were all in the Narrows. It was as much fun as I had hoped. It's a rocky bottom so you navigate different size rocks, moving water and laughing hikers. At any given moment someone was splashing, falling, laughing, hiking or slipping. Sometimes they were doing it all at the same time. All this happened with stunning scenery all around us.

We walked in the water for a few blocks. Around a bend was a bit of a drop, so we turned around and went back. The Narrows were everything I had hoped, and an adventure the girls will never forget.

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