Saturday, June 6, 2015

The great wildlife hunt

Everything we read about the national parks discussed the interesting wildlife making their homes in the different environments. We were excited to see animals so different from what we had at home. Everything from Big Horn Sheep to lizards were on the "must-see" list.

The trip started with promising signs. As we drove up to Canyonlands, signs warned us to watch out for Open Range Cattle. Cows weren't on our must-see list, but we liked the idea of cos roaming freely throughout the park. We stared across the open field, but never saw anything other than the bright, yellow signs.

In fact, We spent a lot of time looking for wildlife. The girls were excited to see their first lizards at Canyonlands. By the time we ended our trip at Bryce, they were done squealing at the lizards. In between, we looked and looked and looked, but never saw the wildlife we sought.

We did see an Antelope squirrel, Eagles, lizards, frogs and deer. Other than the lizards, we have all those things in our backyard. Ok, we don't have Antelope squirrels, but their Midwestern cousins are everywhere.

We even stopped at a roadside wildlife viewing area in Colorado. This was an official site, just off I-70. There were viewing binoculars, telescopes and signs explaining how to spot wildlife. A woman already on the platform when we arrived said she couldn't find any Big Horn Sheep. We stared and didn't see anything either. Another group agreed. I said, "I think they just put the sign there to entertain themselves. Somewhere Colorado residents are laughing at the crazy tourists trying to find a Big Horn Sheep." They laughed, and we all got back into our cars to continue our journeys. Still, we never gave up. Until we reached Denver, we scanned mountainsides for Big Horn Sheep. As the girls said, "Maybe next time."

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