Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Always have a full tank of gas

On the first day of our Utah adventure, we drove about 350 miles. There is no easy way to travel to our Utah national parks. No matter which airport you choose, there is a long, long drive ahead of you.

We chose to fly into Denver so we could visit with my cousins on our last day. My familly lives all over the country, so whenever we can get together it's a treat. From Denver International Airport we drove our rental car through the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We stopped in Vail for lunch, taking a few minutes to walk around and stretch our legs.

As we got closer to the Colorado/Utah state line, we stopped for gas and to get some beverages. It turns out our stop was also a good safety measure.

The first sign we saw as we drove into Utah said, "No services for 160 miles." I read it and didn't think anything more about it. As we drove and drove and drove, we saw a lot of town name signs with the words "no services" at the bottom. It turns out that no services meant there was nothing. I mean not a single sign of life between the Colorado state line and our destination, Moab, Utah.

It was a good lesson for our trip. Whenever we left the hotel we made sure we had a full tank of gas and lots of water. Utah was beautiful, but we had no doubts it could have been dangerous to be stranded in the desert heat.

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