Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The competitive musician awakens

The blond twin was debating whether or not to be in band next year. Middle school offers so many clubs and activities. She wants to do them all. She has been leaning towards not joining because she doesn’t want to miss out on the newer opportunities.

Last night we were sitting in the bleachers watching their last fifth grade band performance. After they completed their performance, the sixth grade band started playing. The sixth grade performances were a mix of the entire band, soloists and duets.

The blond twin started paying attention when the band director started talking about a sixth grade girl who earned a perfect score at a recent competition. As they moved the piano forward, the blond twin learned to see it.
When the sixth grade girl started playing, Daddy and I both started pointing at her. She smiled and whispered to her friend. From the other side of the band, the brunette twin pointed at her sister. We were all thinking the same thing. The blond twin could totally perform that award-winning song.

The girls ran into the bleachers after the performance. The blond twin was barely up to us when she said, “I could play that song better than she did.”
She’s a competitive girl, that blond twin. Now that she knows there’s a sixth grade girl who plays piano beautifully, the blond twin decided she’s going to be in band. It’s not that she has a great desire to be part of the band, but she certainly isn’t going to let someone else hold a title she knows she can earn.

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