Monday, May 18, 2015

It almost made me cry

Our girls had their piano recital yesterday. Both girls played beautifully, but it was the blond twin who stole the show. Her performance earned her high praise from her piano teacher’s piano teacher.

We’ve always known that Miss Anna still takes lessons, but it was a surprise to Grammie. She thought that once you started teaching piano you wouldn’t have to take lessons anymore. When the gentleman in the suit complimented the blond twin’s performance, Grammie and Daddy beamed.  Grammie asked who the man was and I explained that it was Miss Anna’s piano teacher.

Grammie complimented both girls, saying that she couldn’t believe how much both girls had grown as pianists since their last recital. She noted the song’s complexities and wondered how much it took for the girls to learn each piece.

She paid special attention to the blond twin’s performance. From the moment she sat at the piano bench, the blond twin sparkled. She commanded those songs with a huge smile on her face. She performed beautifully and she knew it as she took her bow.

Grammie said, “It almost made me cry to listen to her play.”  It was a beautiful way to summarize the blond twin’s growth as a pianist.

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