Monday, May 25, 2015

Hockey as a STEM activity

As we watched the Blackhawks take on the Ducks Saturday night, the pucks seems to fly past the nets over and over again. We were happy when they didn't go into our net and frustrated when they didn't go into the Ducks' net. At some point during the first overtime period, the blond twin said, "You know, this is why they need math. If they knew geometry, they could figure out the angle they need to get the shot in the net." Her sister agreed and then they both went back to watching the game.

I said, "What?" The blond twin explained, "Geometry would help them understand how to shoot the puck so it goes into the net, not past it."

I thought about exploring that idea more, but lost the thought by something that happened in the game. The next day I admired her logic. Of course she was right about geometry being part of the equation, but I hadn't put the two together until she did it Saturday night.

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