Friday, April 10, 2015

You’re going to learn some new words

Our Spring Break trip was bookended with two St. Louis stops. The first was Easter Brunch. The second was the Chicago Blackhawks/St. Louis Blues game. We’ve been talking about going to road games for a while. This time it all worked and we were able to buy 100-level tickets, just a few rows off the ice for less than we would have paid for 300-level seats at the United Center.

As we walked into the Scottrade Center there were Blackhawks jerseys everywhere. Hawks fans have been going to St. Louis games for a long time. It’s an easy train ride from Chicago to St. Louis, with the Scottrade Center located just steps from the train station.

When we found our seats we were thrilled. I’m pretty sure we won’t ever sit that close to the ice at the United Center. I became worried when the guys behind us, all Blues season ticket holders, started talking trash. It was clear they hated the Blackhawks and their fans. At one point the guy right behind me wondered how drunk, loud and obnoxious he had to be to get thrown out.
At the same time, I doubted they would harass us. We were sitting with the girls and I figured they weren’t going to be the kind of jerks who harass children. Happily I was right on that point. The guys next to us in the Blackhawks sweaters didn’t have the same experience.
One thing the Blues fans didn’t censor was their language. After one really, really off-color rant, I whispered to the brunette twin, “I think you’re going to learn some new words.”
She smiled and responded, “I already know them mom.”

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