Thursday, April 30, 2015

The force is strong

We were eating breakfast when the girls pulled a Star Wars poster out of the cereal box. This started a lengthy conversation about Star Wars, encompassing everything from the original movies to the new release coming out this summer.
Daddy mentioned that he had a poster like the cereal box prize when he was a child. It hung on his bedroom wall. The girls immediately said, “You can hang this one in your bedroom.”

Daddy looked very serious as he said, “Mommy won’t let me.” I sighed. He laughed. The girls stared at me like I was ruining Daddy’s day.
A few hours later I went upstairs and saw the poster hanging in the office. You can see it as soon as you turn from the stairs into the second floor hallway. I laughed as the girls hung it with painter’s tape.

Daddy laughed when I told him. He hadn’t seen it yet.
The girls were quite proud of their handiwork. They managed to get Daddy’s poster hung up without harming the walls. They made sure Mommy’s reluctance to hang the poster didn’t interfere with Daddy’s childhood memories. It was clever and cute, just like them.

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