Saturday, April 25, 2015

For a good time call

We celebrated our 17th anniversary today in a way that fits perfectly with our history. We started the chilly, rainy day by cleaning out the pantry and kitchen cabinets. Since the weather made it impossible to go outside, we decided to check off a lot of indoor projects.

After we reorganized the pantry and cabinets, we moved on to a dining room project. We inherited a beautiful, antique dining room table that has been in Daddy’s family for more than a century. We finally had time to swap out the old dining room table with this “new” table. This involved moving tables and chairs from the basement to the dining room and rearranging the basement.
Since we put the old dining room table in the basement, and cleaned out some more stuff, our girls are just a sleeper sofa away from a nice studio apartment. They have a TV, table and chairs, video games and more already. If we added a sleeper sofa, we might never see them above ground again.

This might not sound like the best way to celebrate our wedding anniversary, but it does continue a trend we started many years ago when we spent Sweetest Day stapling insulation to the underside of our family room floor.
We did find time to fit a delicious, celebratory dinner at Gibson’s Steak House into our productive schedule. By the time we finished our dinner we were relaxed and refreshed and ready to start our next 17 years together.  

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