Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter fun for parents

We always have an Easter egg hunt – usually indoors since the weather rarely cooperates to allow an outdoor egg hunt. This year, the girls put together a treasure hunt for us. They created clues that were hidden all around our second floor.

Each clue had two parts. First there was the riddle we had to solve. Second there was one word to aid our hunt or an inspirational message.

Your next clue is where the one direction bag sat/Splash

You’ll find our next clue somewhere there are pics of places/You are awesome

Your next clue is under a 1st place…/Glob!

Next clue will be somewhere on a wall/Why are you guys so epic?

You’ll find this clue somewhere with a l_dd_r/You’re the best!

The next clue is in a bank/Hey! You are awesome.

They were so excited every time we figured out the next hiding spot. We hesitated on a few, but they quickly jumped in to help us. There were about a dozen clues, leading us from place to place until we found our Easter surprises. The girls made us lovely cards and created an Easter basket with treats.

It was so adorable and thoughtful. They were justifiably proud of their Easter surprise. I do wonder how long they were planning the surprise. It was so well thought-out and detailed that they must have been planning it for a while. I didn't ask though. It was their Easter present to us and they pulled off the surprise beautifully.

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