Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter brunch with the family

Every year we spend Easter with my side of our family. It’s one of the advantages to living near my parents and brothers. Usually there’s an Easter egg hunt followed by too much food.

This year we were on the road for Easter, which happened to fall during the girls’ Spring break. We planned to spend Easter with Aunt Mary and Uncle Terry. As luck would have it, Aunt Linda, Mikki and Jim were also able to join us.
We had a lovely Easter brunch at Aunt Mary’s house in St. Louis. Aunt Mary, Aunt Linda and Uncle Terry filled the table with lots of good food. Mikki and Jim made tasty sides. We brought dessert, although being on the road what we really did was buy dessert.
Everyone sat around the table eating and talking. It was hard to leave because it was such a fun and relaxing afternoon. The girls had a lot of fun spending Easter with Daddy’s family, but there was more fun planned once we reached Memphis. First, though, we had to get there.

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