Thursday, March 26, 2015

You are not staying

The girls made plans to meet friends at the library this afternoon. When we discussed it last night, the blond twin said her friend’s mom wanted to make sure I was going to be there. She has four children with her fifth grader as her oldest. It is hard for her to bring all of them places like the library for more than an hour or so.

I told the blond twin I would take my computer to the library and do some work while they did their homework. The brunette twin made plans for her project partner to come home with us after school.
Today the girls came home, ate a snack and got ready to go to the library. I was packing up my computer when the blond twin said, “Mom, you are not staying. You know that, right?”
We talked about last night’s conversation. She told me her friend’s mom didn’t care of I stayed. Anna, their friend who came home with us after school, confirmed that her mom was ok with her going to the library with the group -- and without me hovering. I hesitated for a minute because I didn’t speak directly with Anna’s mom. Knowing Anna and her mom, though, I decided that  Anna was telling the truth. After all, who wants to end up in trouble for lying about being able to go the library with the other girls? I told the three girls in our car that I’d double-check with Jenine’s mom and decide what to do.
Jenine’s mom was fine leaving them all together. I gave the blond twin my phone, told her to call if she needed anything and made plans to pick-up the girls at 5:00 p.m. They headed off to do their research, chatting happily and giggling.
It was so easy. All the girls were happy to be at the library together. All the moms were thrilled to have them together. It was one more independent step as they march together towards middle school.

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