Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The great mitt scavenger hunt

The girls really wanted to join a softball league this year. I did some research and found a casual, local league.

Their coach has been sending regular updates so we weren't surprised when he set the practice schedule. An email a couple of days later said that the league had an equipment shopping day set at a local sporting goods store. League representatives would be available and the league would receive a percentage of the sales. I was so happy to know that someone would be able to help us figure out all the equipment we needed. I realized we could do it from a list, but having someone to give us advice on which helmet or proper bats was a relief.

The morning of the first practice, I checked email to find a message saying, "Remember to have your girls bring their mitts and bats to our first practice tonight." I realized then that I had a lot to learn about organized softball.

If I had thought about it, I would have realized that the other girls already had mitts and bats. The sporting goods shopping day was to update or upgrade equipment. There probably weren't too many other families starting from scratch.

I started thinking about who might have mitts we could borrow. I crossed many people off the initial list because they wouldn't have been home from work before we needed to be at practice. I decided my best two bets were Uncle Dave and Uncle Steve. I called both, left messages and waited.

In the meantime, Daddy called to talk about practice. I told him the girls needed mitts. He immediately offered to visit a few stores during his lunch break.

A couple of hours later Uncle Steve called. He only had mitts to fit his high school age sons. Aunt Sue-Sue called after Uncle Steve to say she found some mitts in the garage. We crossed our fingers for luck that the mitts would fit the girls. Daddy called to say he bought two mitts. We made plans to meet up to get those mitts if the ones at Aunt Sue-Sue's didn't fit. Now we had lots of options, but didn't know if any would work.

Right after school the blond twin and I ran to Aunt Sue-Sue's. We were on a tight schedule. We had to get there, try on the mitts and be back at school within 45 minutes to pick-up the brunette twin from choir.

One mitt seemed to fit the blond twin. As luck would have it, the other mitt was a bit bigger. We thought it would fit the brunette twin. We thanked Aunt Sue-Sue and drove back to pick-up the brunette twin.

Luckily for us we were able to find mitts so they walked in with at least one piece of equipment. Now we just have to deal with the rest of the list...

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