Sunday, February 15, 2015

Four eyes no more

The brunette twin has been asking for contacts for a couple of years now. We've been deflecting the question to our eye doctor. We know a lot of things about a lot of topics, but when the brunette twin should get contacts was out of our range.

The last time we had their eyes checked, we brought up contacts. For the first time our eye doctor said, "If she thinks she's ready, she can try it."

The brunette twin was thrilled. She sat with the office assistant listening intently to all her contacts instructions. She tried and tried to get the contact in without success. Another person went to help the brunette twin. I was worried, but the office staff told me that everyone has a different technique. Sometimes you just needed a different person to make it happen.

Eventually the brunette twin got her contacts into her eyes. She was so proud of herself. We took home daily, disposable contacts for her to try.

She was able to put her contact in by herself one day. The next day she gave up. In tears and defeated, she told me she didn't think she was ready for contacts.

We talked to Daddy when he came home. I told him I thought the problem wasn't the brunette twin's technique. I thought the problem was her twin stood a few inches away from the brunette twin's face while she was trying to put in her contacts. I know when I wore contacts I couldn't put in my contacts if anyone was near me. The brunette twin said her twin didn't bother her, but I really thought it was a contributing factor in her problems.

Daddy helped the brunette twin put in her contacts a few days later. He coached her so her confidence replenished. She put in her contacts and was ready to go.

Since then she has worn her contacts regularly. We switched from daily contacts to 14-day wear contacts. She now has the hang of it -- from putting in her contacts to cleaning them nightly. She loves her new lenses and the responsibility that come with them.

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