Sunday, February 1, 2015

A snowstorm trumps the big game

We view the Super Bowl as a good reason to eat snack food and watch too much TV. The game itself rarely lives up to the hype, so we always have a back-up movie or show or project. This year we were planning our menu  when we started talking about  the weather forecast.

We don’t often pay attention to the weather forecast when it’s more than a day or two out. This one, though, was different. This forecast called for a lot of snow. Given how little snow had fallen so far this winter, we just ignored the “sky is falling” noise.
The snow started Saturday night. By the time we crawled out of bed on Sunday we already had 10 inches of snow on the ground. It was the wet, heavy snow that causes heart attacks and back aches.  Once the first layer was cleared, we went back out every few hours to clear the next two or three inches. When it was done we had more than 20 inches in the books.

The weather was so bad that pizza parlors closed on one of their busiest days. Parties were cancelled. People were told to stay off the roads. Plows couldn’t get through to clear streets. Blizzard warnings became blizzard winds. It was cold and snowy and miserable.
The snow built up around our satellite dish, causing a complete signal loss. Throughout the day we’d turn on the TV to see if we had a signal, but we never did. The day went on and we kept busy with different projects. At game time we made our football food and ate as planned. What we didn’t do was set-up in front of the TV. Eventually we turned on the radio at the end of the fourth quarter. It turned out to be the best few minutes of football we’d “seen” all season.

It wasn’t the Super Bowl party we had planned, but it was fun anyway. We’ll have a good story to tell as soon as we thaw out from shoveling all the snow.

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