Sunday, January 11, 2015

Secrets of the laundry

When Mom first broke her arm whoever was at her house did a laundry load. We just tried to take care of whatever we could when we were there. Once in a while I took her laundry home and just did it with ours.

I wasn’t surprised when Mom said she found a pair of black sweatpants she didn’t recognize in her drawers. I just threw her laundry in with whatever we needed to wash. Given that Mom and the girls wear about the same size, it was not surprising that I sent something from our house to hers.
Daddy found the pants in a bag Mom sent back to us. I explained what happened and told him that if I had really looked at the sweatpants I would have known the pants couldn’t have been Mom’s. These black pants were too long to be Mom’s.
The brunette twin grabbed the pants and shrieked when she saw them. She said, “Where did you find my riding pants?” I let out a sigh.
The brunette twin has been looking for her horseback riding pants for weeks now. Given her penchant for messy drawers, we just thought her pants were scrunched in a corner somewhere. We made her look for them several times without success.
She was so happy to have her horseback riding pants back that she didn’t state the obvious. She didn’t lose the pants. I sent them to Grammie, who didn’t realize they were in her drawer. The brunette twin has a reason to gloat, but she’s so happy to have her horseback riding pants back that it hasn’t occurred to her yet.

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