Friday, January 23, 2015

Outsourcing the icky conversation

I heard the scream from across the parking lot as the girls came out of school. “Why did you do that to us?” I laughed, which might not have been the best reaction.
The girls and their friends spent several hours on a field trip that morning. It wasn’t a field trip they wanted to take. This was a trip to an area health education center.
When I was in school, we learned about topics like menstruation and conception at school during health class. The girls all went into one room and the boys crowded into another. If your parents didn’t give you all the details, the teachers did. It was a giggly, uncomfortable lesson.
The girls learned the same lessons by going to an area health education center. The classes piled into busses and headed to the center. The girls went into one room. The boys went across the hallway. They received the same lessons we did, but with better graphics and 3-D displays. The girls came home with samples and coupons – a modern take on an old lesson.
The girls and their friends said they didn’t want to talk about it because it was so “icky.” As we walked home one or another asked a question, with the other girls saying “eeewwwww.” They wanted to talk about it, but they didn’t want to admit they wanted to talk about it.
I was surprised at how much our girls didn’t want to go since they already had the information being discussed. I guess the discomfort with your changing body never changes, even if the way the information is being shared does.

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