Monday, January 19, 2015

Let me in

As excited as Holly gets when we leave for a walk, she's just as excited to go back home. When she knows that the girls or Daddy are in the house, she starts pulling towards our house about two houses away.

Sometimes when we get to our driveway, I'll drop Holly's leash and tell her to go home. She races to the front door and sits until I get there to let her in. Her tail wags with excitement the entire time.

If I don't get there quickly enough she starts to get impatient. One day I decided to bring the garbage cans up from the street. Another day I stopped to pick up some sticks in the driveway. Some days I just don't get to the door quickly enough.

Whatever the case, Holly becomes really impatient. I know she's tired of waiting when she starts to yelp. It's the same sound she makes when the girls don't leave room for her in their beds. If I don't move quickly enough she escalates.

Today she was barking at me like I was trying to break into the house. She was so frustrated that I was taking so long moving the garbage cans. She stood up and moved inches from the front door. She barked and barked and barked and barked until the front door opened.

The girls had friends over this afternoon since they didn't have any school. Holly knew all the girls were in the house and she was outside. She wasn't going to wait for me to get her into the house. She was going to take care of it herself, so she was bouncing when Erin opened the front door. Holly's tail went back and forth so quickly it was a blur. Erin brought Holly into the house and took off Holly's leash. By the time I came into the house, Holly was happily playing ball with Erin. Holly might just be a dog, but she knows what she wants and how to get it.

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